Adding A Widget To My PrestaShop Site

Unfortunately, you can't add one of our Gallery Feed Widgets or any <script> tag through PrestaShop's CMS. However you can add it through their ftp access and edit a template file directly.

Here is how you add it to a particular page in Prestahop.

  1. Login to your PrestaShop Dashboard (Manage My Store).
  2. Create the page you'd like to add your Gallery Feed Widget and make note of the Page ID# (this ID# is located on the CMS homepage where all pages are listed).
  3. Login to your FTP Access to edit the theme of your site
  4. Download and Edit the file  /themes/your_theme/cms.tpl
  5. In this file you will need to locate the position you would like the Script Tag and place this code on the page:
    {if $cms->id==1}

    * replace SCRIPT CODE HERE with the L2H script code you'd like to use.
    ** replace $cms->id==1 with the ID # of the page you would like your script tag to appear on (just replace the number with your correct ID # the rest is the same).


    Save & Upload. 

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