How do I add a Gallery Feed Widget to My PrestaShop?

Prestashop has a unique way of dealing with custom <script> tags.

You will need to login via FTP to access your store and edit your theme templates.

If you are familiar with doing this then access your theme via FTP

1) Go to:
/ themes / your_theme / cms.tpl

2) Download the file:

3) Edit Your template: In the file you will need to locate the position you would like the Script Tag and place this code on the page:

{if $cms->id==1}

* replace SCRIPT CODE HERE with the Feed Widget code you'd like to use.
** replace $cms->id==1 with the ID # of the page you would like your script tag to appear on
    (NOTE: just replace the number with your correct ID # the rest is the same).


When changing tpl files on the server, you won’t actually see any changes if the template compilation is set to "never recompile".  You can check that setting by:

1) going to Advanced Parameters -> Performance
2) Then set Template compilation to "Recompile templates if the files have been updated"
3) You can set it back to "Never recompile templates" after you are done editing templates.


Send us an email if you require some assistance with getting this setup.

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