How do I update my GoDaddy Account to use a custom domain?

1) Log in to your account at
2) You should be on the My Products section.
3) Beside Domains - click the green "manage" button
4) Then Click the domain that you'd like to use.
5) Select the DNS ZONE FILE tab
6) Click the "Add Record" link and a box should pop open
7) Select CNAME as your record type.
8) for HOST type in the subdomain you wish to use  e.g. (insta  or instashop )
*** don't add the full url
9) POINTS TO type in
10) click on the green "FINISH" button
11) a red bar will appear after the popup window closes - make sure you "Save Changes" to complete

After this is complete you can go back to your Dashboard and add your Custom URL:

It would be entered how you want people to type it in:


If at any point you require some assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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