How To Setup A #FanReel

Your fans love your brand and love showing off how they use it, wear it or are just plain crazy about it. You want to share it with the world how much your fans love you and how much you love your fans. Now you can by creating a #FanReel. It's super easy since you already use the same process by pulling in photos from your Instagram Account and tag them with products you can do the same thing with a hashtag!


Go to the Fan Reels section on your dashboard:

Click on Create Fan Reel.

On this page make sure you enter the hashtag that you get users to post on. Only one hashtag can be created at a time.

* Make sure you pick something that is unique to your brand. You can pull in a lot of photos when you choose something too generic and it will make sifting through them difficult.

You can choose to have a "hosted" gallery as well by entering a Permalink, much like your main gallery. 

User Tag Required will require your users to post their IG photo and also @tag you on the photo (not in the description but on the photo itself).



Now you can manage your #FanReel Photos by going here:

and select your #FanReel from the dropdown list.  Click and tag photos as per usual. 



Add a #FanReel Widget to your site, on your product pages or a devoted page on your website or just point people to your hosted #FanReel Gallery.


You can choose any of our widgets styles to display your #FanReel or even a combination of your main Instagram Feed and your's up to you.


That' it. As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email  we are always willing to help you out.


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