The multi-store plan offers you all the features of the basic plan but can help you easily create shoppable galleries across your many e-commerce stores. If you have one Instagram account and multiple stores (language or currency) then this plan is for you.


Multi-store provides you a quick way to tag your IG images with products once and our system will map the correct URL for all your other stores. There are two ways of implementing multi-store:


1) Simple Multi-Store - Same product links just different domains. For example, if you have links structured this way:

each of these products would have the same URL structure, would just swap out the domain to ensure each widget had the correct product links

- or - 

2) Complex Multi-Store - Different product links/URL structures across your multiple stores. For example: would provide you with a way to manually map and save product links across all your platforms so eventually you can tag your shoppable gallery once and the corresponding product tag will display on each of your store specific widgets. 

If you simply have multiple e-commerce stores that sell completely different product sets but utilize the same Instagram, you can use our basic plan of course and simply tag products using the full URL to each of your different sites. You are free to install widgets on any of your web properties. 


Here are a few examples:



The multi-store plan is $75/month USD.

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