Troubleshooting Instagram Account connection when using Facebook.

There are occasions when permissions of your Instagram Account, Facebook Page and your Page role can prevent you from connecting your IG Account to . Here are some steps to help you get connected:

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device (using the account you want to connect).
2. Head to Settings.
3. From the list of options, tap Account and then tap Linked accounts.
4. You should see your Facebook Page listed there (if you don't, you will have to convert your IG account from Business Account to Personal and then back again in order to connect a Facebook Page).
5. If you see your Facebook Page listed there head over to Facebook and navigate to the Page that is connected to your Instagram account.
6. Click Settings at the top of the Page and then click Page roles on the left hand side.
7. You’ll need to see your own personal profile listed as an Admin under the "Existing Page Roles" section. If you have any other Role, then you will not be able to authorize the connection to 
** if there is a Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account and you do have the Admin Role on that Page, then this is likely a permissions issue.
8. Head over to Facebook and navigate to Settings and then Business integrations 
10. You should see listed in the integrations area. This will need to be removed in order to continue. Tick the check box and then click Remove and/or Leave the check box unticked and then click Remove.
11. Finally, head back over to your account and try connecting your Instagram account again.


If you are still having problems connecting your Instagram account to send us an email at and hopefully we can help you resolve this issue as soon as possible.


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